Legacy-The Vietnam Files


         A second chapter in the VSSR collection, “Legacy” delves into the military conflict known as the Vietnam War. Told through an omniscient perspective, the conceptual journey spans a timeline depicting psychological tactics used in basic training, the chaos of jungle warfare, to the GIs return to the world.  Following the formula of the VSSR genre, each track’s soundscape is intended to transport the listener to an alternate realm. 

                       Finding inspiration from organ drones coupled with haunting harmonics of the sakura pentatonic scale, the selection of dusty vinyl, guitar/amp feedback, and layered drums, give life to a retro sound bed of instrumentation. Conceived and produced by the Japan based artist PNTKS, “Legacy” furthers the VSSR design of challenging the listener with expressive and powerful compositions.  







released November 20, 2016

Album produced, mixed and mastered by PNTKS
Artwork by Geoffrey Wolfson

Copyright © 2016 VSSR Music. All rights reserved. 
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