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Scent of the Fallen


Scent of the Fallen:

           A third codex in the VSSR archive, “Scent of the Fallen” paints a chilling story of transformation. Set in the heart of the Carpathian mountains, an atmospheric narrative recounts the dark affliction of the lycanthrope (werewolf). Consuming the last fragile rays of an autumn sun, the landscape quickly changes to a barren tundra, where both man & beast struggle to survive. 

           Drawing from this environment, the artist PNTKS creates an intimate soundscape, using an array of vintage synths, orchestral strings, and chopped vocals, strung together by sparse percussion. Gradually building with suspense from the opening track “Trail of the Comet,” to the unsettling conclusion of “Vukodlak,” the album’s visual soundscape leaves a haunting impression in the listener’s mind.


Featuring additional vocals: 
Full Moon: ADVerse (Seminite) 
Vukodlak: ADVerse, Ray (Seminite), 11linda

Album produced, mixed and mastered by PNTKS
Artwork by Geoffrey Wolfson

Copyright © 2016 VSSR Music. All rights reserved.